Jacob Ben Cohen | Octopus cyanotype

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Jacob Ben Cohen - Octopus Vase Cyanotype

A unique mixed media print
Light pink screen print on top of a cyanotype print of the Octopus vase.

The cyanotype process is one of the oldest in the history of photography, 1840's.
Cyanotypes are made by coating high-quality Italian 100% cotton paper with a light-sensitive emulsion. We then expose it in direct UV light for several minutes using a photo negative to get the best image quality. Finally, the print is washed and fixed with water to stop the reaction and prevent fading.

Limited Edition of 10 copies, signed and numbered by the artist
31*22 inc/78*55 cm, 300 gr, 100% cotton 'lana Royal' paper

Since each print is handmade, tones will give gorgeous, subtle variations.
The beauty of cyanotypes is that each print is absolutely unique.

Hand Pulled screen Printed at Hamelaha Workshop
Framing is not included

Shipped in a tube