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DIY Screen Printing Kit - Basic Kit

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Do it By Yourself!
Creators from all over the world have been printing for hundreds of years (yes, hundreds of years), even before there was a computer or photo emulsion, a user-friendly, exhilarating and addictive technique that enables direct printing on a variety of materials. To create in screen-printing independently from home, take care of the basic equipment and materials: Screen printing frame with the proper mesh, squeegee and inks, and anything you want to print on.

Basic Kit:
30*40 cm Aluminium frame - 64 TH
25 cm Aluminium printing squeegee
2 A4 polyester sheet for stencil cutting
250 gr - Screen printing black inks for fabric and paper printing

The products in the kit are safe for use in a home environment
The water-based color scheme enables printing on textile and paper products with super quality results and great absorption.